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'Cowboys Currents' By Matt Livingston

With great power comes elevated responsibility; by the same token, this free country has granted us the freedom to ignore such responsibility.

When those we have elected to positions of authority fail to act responsibly in the wake of their country and people, we have issues. Mayor Lawson, I'm callin' you out, along with your "Family Vision for the City of Kanab."

The Proclamation begins with a series of "Whereas" statements, which cornerstone the "Vision." Not one of these pleas is true, neither by just, legal nor religious standards, and they consequently send a shattering earthquake through any common ground you tried to reach.

And so I ask you in return, "Where as?" On the streets of Atlantis? In Never-Never Land? High within the towers of an enchanted castle? Check you sources, sir.

Please believe that we are in America, under pure American democracy, where society is based on the rights of the individual--not the family, sorry. It is nothing short of essential to maintain an orderly separation and distinction between church and state, belief and liberty, true and false, agency and society. When any of the two become misinterpreted, as they now have, an imbalance in power results, which can only lead to division, rebellion, and/or pain and suffering.

This Proclamation infringes upon the rights of the individual for what "We envision" as a greater cause, a cause that, if indeed honest (which I believe it is), demands no such enforcing.
You claim the authority to direct the actions of local men, women and children just because they live in K-town, and were kind enough to elect you to your position in the first place. When the power to "order liberty" is assumed, as you have, I have to wonder about your real intentions.

Are you trying to make a statement against gays, and selfish fathers who abandon wives? Against those who are living the hard-knock lifestyle, paycheck to paycheck, just to provide their children with food on the table and a roof over their heads, with no luxurious front lawn or garden? Against single adults and those incapable of sexual activity? I've already got Dr. Phil every afternoon, thank you very much.
When it comes to such personal matter as family, in which, to my knowledge, you have never before expressed any interest, choose you words carefully. The family is an eternal concept, far above and beyond the direction of man, and the Proclamation is no more than a short-lived self-affirmation. As a fellow LDS member, I would expect a more Christlike countenance on your part; your actions are in the spotlight, and this time you have let down your religion, community, and nation. That last paragraph, as it pertains to "true happiness," incites me to tell you to wake up and smell the dog crap. Pastor Doug already tells us all we need to know when it comes to family and religion.

Mom, I love you, as I do the rest of my family. I recognize my freedom to be part of my family and start my own someday as unalienable rights, not to be messed with. Authors of "The Natural Family: A Vision for the City of Kanab," may God forgive you.

Exercise your agency, don't jeopardize it patiently; through leper's eyes creation's plea is maintained so complacently in this spacious sea of Cowboy Currents.



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