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Natural Family Values
48 minutes
Premiere 2008

IMDb Listing: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1358606


Director and Editor: Frank Feldman
Producers: Frank Feldman, Eric J. Tierney and Troy Williams
Associate Producer: Chris J. Howard
Executive Producer: Troy Williams
Cinematographer: Ryan Gass
Composer: Matt Mateus


Founded by Mormon polygamists, Kanab, Utah is a small, scenic Western town facing new development and an influx of people from around the country who are moving into its quiet neighborhoods. Set against this backdrop, Kanab finds itself a city divided between a religious majority struggling to assert its conservative identity and a vocal minority determined to make their home in a community that is afraid of change. In response to a perceived threat to their way of life, the mayor and city council unanimously approve a resolution that defines the kind of families they would like to see move in.

The ‘Natural Family Resolution’ that the mayor and city council adopts, based on a memorandum from a conservative political think-tank, assigns proper gender roles of men and women and defines the family as ‘one man, one woman’ with a ‘full quiver’ of children.

The town’s leadership is completely unprepared for the response from liberal citizens who call for the resolution to be rescinded. Local and national media focus attention on Kanab. The mayor stands firm, but the only woman member of the city council appears to be rethinking her support of the resolution. And while a minority of the residents are set on making their town welcoming to all, its conservative residents insist on taking a stand to protect the ‘natural family’ despite the town's cultural inheritance of a constantly changing definition of ‘family.’

Natural Family Values is an intimate portrait of a community at odds with itself, and what happens when democracy and theocracy clash.


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