In a small Utah town, a city council passes a resolution defining the types of people they want living in their city.

Natural Family Values centers on the events in Kanab, Utah when the town’s mayor and city council passed a resolution defining the proper gender-roles of its citizens and described the ‘natural family’ as one man, one woman with a “full quiver of children.” The result of this resolution nearly tore the town apart and drove away tourists—one of Kanab’s most important economic assets—all in the name of protecting the family. But the film asks whether there was something deeper to this complex issue, Watch the film online as it explores the many facets of this uniquely western American town founded by Mormon polygamists, and how a community, fearing change and the influence from outsiders, reacts to protect a way of life.

“Everyone should see this film. ‘Natural Family Values’ introduces us to characters that remind us that God is the best scriptwriter.”
—Professor David G. Dick, Ph.D.

“An important look at the small town values of the nicest bunch of people that have ever scared the living crap out of me.”
—Emily Pearson, writer, actress & producer

Quote from The Natural Family: A Vision for the City of Kanab
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